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Covid 19... and other musings...

As we start to settle into these new "normals," I've been thinking about how fast life was moving before. A friend of mine has aptly nicknamed the last couple of months the "great pause" and I think that this pause will go on for some time. I really miss my regular customers. I miss the pleasure of looking after pets while people travel and them not having to worry about a thing. I miss dog walks and meeting all of the four-legged creatures. There's huge satisfaction in a job well done and knowing you're contributing to another sentient creature's wellbeing... not just the pets either! Their people too! In case nobody has said it to you, let me be the bearer of bad news. Sars-CoViD-2 is with us forever. No, really, even with vaccines and everything else, it's being added to our list of perennial viruses. It's not the first nasty virus to join humanity and it probably won't be the last. The good news is that we are learning how to live differently. We are amazing in our ability to adapt. We might be tired of being at home, but I feel like everything is so much... better paced. I'm spending more time with my pets WHILE getting work done on the computer. My two Maltese-ish dogs, Lili and Orson look like ragamuffins that desperately need grooming, but I'm spending more time brushing them and playing with them, and that bonding is so important. There's one hangup to all of this, our dogs are getting used to us being around all. the. time. That means when we do need to get out, the anxiety is totally ramped up. I want to offer you 3 easy things to do to prevent your pets from having separation anxiety when the time comes to spend more time out of the house. 1. Go out the door, sometimes for no reason at all. I know, we always want to take our dogs for a walk, but go soak up some sunshine alone in the middle of the afternoon. Remind them that you'll be back soon.

2. Get enrichment toys to make that separation a bit easier to handle. My doggies just love toys like Nerf Tire Feeder. This toy brings out the natural rooting and chewing action for dogs, who are scavengers by nature. It makes them th

ink about how to get the food out, stimulating deep, ancient parts of their brain. You can get one from The Pet Shack here:

We also love food-dispensing balls and that Original Kong that you can fill up with food and a bit of all-natural (no xylitol or sugar) peanut butter. Freeze it and keep your little licker busy for hours.

3. Keep up with the occasional dog walks with us. I know, it's self-serving to say so, but keeping up with once or twice a week walks has a few benefits. First, your dog stays familiar with us and stays comfortable with us walking them out of the house, even if you're there. Second, we get to do the midday walk in this heat! Third, you're helping us keep our company open for when things do start to relax and we can begin to travel and go back to offices.

In the meantime, update me about my furry little friends? And please, don't hesitate to call, Whatsapp, or email if you need anything. We are still here for you. Always. Amanda For more information about our Sars-CoViD-2 preparedness and precautions, please visit our procedures page here:

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