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Pets are
at Home

We don't just say so, we prove it,
because we're...

Pet Sitter Plus, or PSP as we commonly call it, is an appointment management system that puts you in control of your bookings, able to see updates in real time, see check-in and check-out times and locations, and get comments and photos.  It also simplifies payments and accounting, showing you each appointment charged and your current balance right on the home page.

Dog Walking

20, 40 and 60 minute visits

Let us drop by while you're at work and entertain your pet for a bit.  In the 20 minute visit, we'll make a quick trip outside to toilet.  If the weather is nice, we will take a 5 minute stroll.  If not, we will return inside for playtime. 
In the 40-minute visit, we can have an extended walk/playtime, and add feeding, and brushing as required.
At the 60-minute visit we'll have serious exercise walk, playtime, and feeding as per your instructions, plus some cuddle and good dog rewards.

Prices start at 63 aed (20 minutes)and 90 aed (60 minutes) per visit.

Need to book 3+ days a week on a consistent schedule?  Inquire about our "Frequent Floofer" rates. 
T&Cs Apply

Brown Dogs
Licking Cat

Just For Cats

30 and 60 Minute Visits

Cats really are in their own little world, and we wouldn't have it any other way! While you're on holiday, let us drop in once or twice a day and check on your purry pal.


We'll top-up the food, give freshwater, have some play or cuddle time, depending on the mood, and scoop the box.

Prices start at 70 aed (30 minutes)

and 90 aed (60 minutes) per visit.
T&Cs Apply


Special Pets

Fins, Little Paws, and Feathers

We love all pets, no matter the species!  When you travel, you can count on us to take care of your birds, reptiles, and rodent friends too! 

Please contact us so that we can make the arrangements and give you a custom plan and price per visit.

Sleeping Dogs

Vacation Solutions

Overnight Care

Some dogs just don't like to be without a human and we get it because we don't like to be without pets!  

Our overnight visits are 10 hours overnight for feeding, walking, exercise, play, cuddles... everything you normally do!

Overnight care starts at

230 per night 
and includes a midday visit during the day.

Some dogs are more independent and just need us around for food, toilet, exercise and a bit of love.  For those pets we offer the "I'm pretty independent" option.  Three visits a day: two 30-minute visits and one 60-minute visit starting at 200 aed per day and customizable to your leave and return.

T&Cs Apply

We never charge extra for weekends and holidays.

We never charge extra for weekends and holidays.

Your pets are important to us every day of the week, month, and year. 

That's why we have a fixed price schedule.
No packages with excluded days and unused appointments,

no hidden charges,

no clunky subscriptions...
just quality service for a fair, fixed price.
e give the same service and attention to detail on

any given Tuesday that we would during a holiday weekend,

so why would our services change value?

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